Software Evaluation Process

Main Phases

The evaluation process for Spyware Free Software certification is split into three major areas of evaluation:


During the installation all files created, modified and deleted are monitored. Software should not adversely affect any other piece of software on the installation machine. Furthermore CPU usage should never approach maximum levels, and network connections must not engaged unless informed user consent is granted.

A secondary test runs the installation program with CPU load reduced by 32% and system memory with 61% available.


The program is monitored while it is running, including all logs created. The stability of the program is paramount and it must not cause undue CPU load spikes.


The uninstallation process must be transparent and unobscured. All files that were created must be removed, unless they are shared resources in which circumstance a user prompt should be triggered. The software should not leave any un-active registry keys.

Other Information

Stability Testing

The software is run continuously for a number of days and all crashes are monitored. The software must be able to be run for prolonged periods without serious performance related degradation.

Operating Platforms

Software is tested on numerous builds of Microsoft Windows 98SE,ME,2000,XP Pro and XP home. The program is not tested on Windows Server 2003 unless otherwise specified.