A Green Company

The Green Company award is given to companies which shown an outstanding commitment to protecting the environment through reduction in their resource footprint.
Businesses account for the consumption of vast amounts of resources, from office materials such as paper and plastics, to electricity and water. The Green Company award is given to companies which show a real commitment to reducing the amount of resources they use, and thus reducing their impact on the environment.


The Green Company award aims to recognise companies that have adopted environmentally friendly policies within their current business models. Green companies are those which take their commitment to the environment seriously and realise the economic savings that can be gained from a more environmentally friendly approach to business.

How is it evaluated?

In order to determine whether a company should be awarded a Green Company award, the International Charter conducts extensive reviews of the companies end to end operational procedures. This looks at early stage factors such as suppliers and sourcing, all the way through to product delivery and end of life cycle activities.

The International Charter defines the life cycle of a product as being from the point the materials used for its construction as designated as such to the point where it is no longer in service and disposed of.


  • Assures customers of commitment to demonstrable environmental management
  • Maintains and encourages good community relations
  • Enhance corporate image
  • Conservation of raw materials and energy
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Improves industry/government relations


  • a commitment to continuous improvement
  • recognition of compliance with relevant environmental legislation as a minimum level of performance
  • the education and training of employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities
  • the monitoring of progress and review of environmental performance on a regular basis (usually annually).

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