IC9200 Basic Principles


Trust is key to all relationships and fundamental to provision of services or goods to a customer. IC9200 companies strive to build such trust and conduct business in an ethical, honest and open way. Policies exist to provide guidance and encourage integrity.

Customer Focus

Customers are one of the most important stake-holders in any company, as they provide vital funds to allow continued operation. IC9200 companies realize this and strive to constantly understand customer needs and requirements, as well as striving to exceed these expectations and add value wherever possible.

Operational Excellence

Within an IC9200 company people throughout the organization have the ability to use their knowledge and experience for the collective good. A motivated, committed and involved workforce is apparent. People are accountable for their own performance and understand the importance of their contribution to the organization and its subsequent performance.

Sound Record Keeping and Data Maintenance
Effective measures should exist to safeguard client data, including work in progress. IC9200 companies maintain regular back ups of key information and data, as well as having clear defined processes for restoring this information.