Changes to the International Suppliers Network

The International Supplier Network (ISN) is a central resource that contains information about companies from around the world.
The ISN contains general company information such as date of incorporation, services and goods provided and key locations. It also contains information about a company's legal history including outstanding disputes, key officers and trading history. Data from the ISN is also used to generate an ISN rating, which is related to a company’s performance.
After consultation the International Charter has announced it will be raising the fee for ISN registration from £115 GBP* to £235 GBP* on the 23rd November. For the last three years the International Charter has fixed the fee below market rate, however as a result of increases in costs and the continued expansion of the ISN it has become necessary to reset the price to a new level. This level will be fixed until November 2013 and is still below market rate.
*The ISN fee is linked to the GBP; local currency exchange fluctuations will affect the amount paid in EUR, USD and other currencies.
Issued: 20 July 2010