Nestlé awarded Committed to the Environment

The International Charter today announced that Nestlé S.A had been awarded Committed to the Environment status for 2010. The company participated in the programme earlier in the year.
Nestlé has been awarded the Committed to the Environment award for its engagement and ongoing attempts to understand and address its environmental impact.
Of particular note are:
1. The Created Shared Value forum, and governance structure is highly effective.
2. The company has cut air emissions for the last five years, and has delivered a 15.8% reduction since 2000.
3. The company is developing an extensive understanding of key issues affecting its business and has proactively engaged with stakeholders to understand and address concerns.
4. Given the size of the company, it has done well to spread knowledge across its business units.
5. Through the Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE) the company has managed to reduce factory waste by 11.4% and increased reuse or recovery of by products by 23.5% in 2009.

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